1. Dear Sanu Sir,
    This article Cinemaykkullile Cinema – serves as a simple reminder of the saddening realities of the movie world…! Well written.

    Thank you,
    Usha Suresh Balaje

  2. Sanu Mashe,
    I read your article “Varakal Katha Prayumbol”
    Superb! Hats off to you.
    Sindu Muraleedharan

  3. Nice to see you Sanu with such elite crowd. Read the complete article – very well written.
    Sangeetha S Kumar

  4. After a long time , met Sanu yesterday in Chennai. Happy man, at ease now with his more or less full time involvement in writing. Shortly we might see Sanu as story / script writer in film industry.
    For sure the guy has potential and I am waiting to see him in a different league altogether.
    Wish you all the best!

  5. Very well written Sanu – at the end of the article i had the experience akin to having read the whole book.

  6. Wow Sanu, well written! I wish i had a copy of the book and how i wish i could have attended the book launch. Jyo told me all about the function. Congratulations!
    Nisha Marar

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